WeMove Europe gGhmbH

Mission and vision

A few more words about mission and vision.

The non-profit “We Move Europe gGmbH” – Society for EU-wide education, Democracy, international understanding and Environmental protection – promotes education, democratic principles, European political discourse for, and by, European citizens, and fosters international understanding and action within the European community on matters such as the climate crisis.

We believe, that in order for European voices to be heard, it is essential to enable a channel whereby citizens can make their own demands of European institutions, through instruments of citizen-led democracy.

We aim to provide tools to improve understanding between European citizens across borders, to ensure that people can work together beyond borders as pan-European citizens.

Given that the European project is in a time of crisis, it is all the more important that European citizens are given an opportunity to make their voices heard through their own initiative and action.

WeMove Europe gGmbH is financed by donations, especially larger donations from institutions and individuals, as well as grants from foundations. It was founded on 11/03/2016 as a 100% daughter organization of WeMove Europe SCE mbH.