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European Citizens' Initiatives

European Citizens' Initiatives

We aim to support civil society in Europe to the utmost capacity. As a result, we aim to make citizens aware of the European Citizens' Initiative. The ECI is an instrument for direct democracy available to all European citizens, whereby citizens can make suggestions to the European Commission's legislation. In order for suggestions to be taken into consideration a petition is required to collect at least 1 million signatures from at least 7 EU member states. Given that since its introduction in 2011, only 3 petitions have received over 1 million signatures, we believe it is important to increase European Citizens' awareness of the ECI as an instrument.

The European Commission’s ECI regulations are under review, with possible implications for signature and email collection and the use of this direct democracy tool in the future. To determine how to engage with ECIs in coming years, research was conducted to understand the political implications of the ECI reform regulation and the organisational impact this could have for WeMove Europe gGmbH.

To further our strategy on systemic change, research has been conducted to build a strong understanding of systemic change campaigning and the concept of leverage points in this context. The research was shared in multiple in-house trainings on how to identify leverage points and approach campaigning through a systemic change lens.

We have cooperated on the following ECIs: