WeMove Europe gGhmbH

How we work

WeMove Europe gGmbH launches a variety of campaigns or is called upon by civil society partners to support them in solidarity, including through our participatory tool YouMove Europe.

Our work consists of processing topics in an accessible and understandable way and making them easily accessible digitally to our European community. Through our digital campaigning, we promote usage and development of possibilities for the internet as a medium for political discussion and involvement in the EU government. European Citizen Initiatives (ECI) is one of the available tools for civic engagement where WeMove Europe gGmbH is acknowledged for its expertise, which places us in the role as advicing collaborator with organisations launching ECIs. The same can be said about Citizens' Assemblies, another of our focuses. During a Citizen Assembly, citizens meet, learn about the European institutions and their forms of participation, and at the same time discuss proposals for improvement in several countries, which they then submit to the EU.