Romania – save Europe’s last large virgin forests!

We supported a petition started by EuroNatur Foundation (Germany) and Agent Green (Romania) on our YouMove platform, asking the Romanian government to consider the will of all the people who signed the petition and act for the protection of the paradise forests.

After the petition was handed over to the Romanian government in June 2020, the government promised to stop logging in national parks.

As part of the campaign, justice was also sought for Liviu Pop, a forest ranger who was shot trying to protect the forest.

Protecting Romanian forests means protecting some of the last habitats for wildlife, and protecting the homes of Europe’s largest and most healthy populations of bears, wolves and lynx.

When we stand up for forests, we also stand up for the safety of those, like Livui Pop, who work hard to protect nature.

It took 15 months of persistent efforts by all partners involved, from mid 2019 to August 2020, to bring this campaign to a success, resulting in 136,420 signatures being collected. In the midst of the campaign, the European Commission also put Romania under pressure and threatened Romania with an infringement procedure.

WeMove members reacted very emotionally about the topic of the forests. We received endearing messages about how forests in all corners of the world matter to all humanity and how Europe in particular is responsible to protect its nature locally.

Our signees gave us the following feedback: “Nature is all we have. It gives us the air we breathe and it has to be preserved. Too much has been damaged already“, WeMove Europe signee

This is an article, that one of our partner organisations published:

This campaign serves our charitable cause of environmental protection. It was a true grassroots work which our community brought to the European level through our engagement to raise international understanding for this cause, in a spirit of solidarity.