Moratorium on Gene Drive Organisms

Gene drive is a new technology that develops genetically engineered mosquitoes, flies and rats raised in laboratories. This is still in the experimentation process, but if released into nature, they could potentially destroy entire ecosystems and species.

WeMove members helped to finance an opinion poll which showed the majority of Europeans want to ban this specific technology until all risks are assessed and it can be considered safe and unharmful for the environment.

Through a petition, 285,502 people in Europe have called on the EU to prevent the release of gene drive organisms into the environment and to work for a global moratorium on the release of gene drive organisms.

A huge risk for humanity and biodiversity. Once again, the industry does not want to spend time nor money to estimate it before releasing this risk into the wild. Who is to decide upon this, us all or just a few ?”, says a member of the WeMove community who signed the petition.

Thousands of messages from active members of our community who care about the environment were sent to environmental ministries across the EU, leading up to the decisions on the issue.

The EU ended up recommending a call on a global moratorium to release the gene drives until we can assess the risks.

The charitable causes this serves are protection of the environment and education. Through our initiative, we made “Gene Drives” -a very difficult and technical topic- accessible for thousands of people across Europe. The results of the poll were shared to media across Europe, promoting what citizens expected in terms of protection of nature and the environment.