Global Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

Our digital campaigning partners at MoveOn in the US organised a call-out for solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and invited us to join.

We responded to the call and WeMove Europe’s members, together with members of 20 other organisations across the world, sent a strong message of support to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, during the outbreak of the protests in the US.

A campaign was launched with a message from a staff member of MoveOn and Black Lives Matter to our English, Italian and German communities. In total 153,000 signatures were collected from around the world, of which around 50,000 signatures of support came from WeMove Europe members.

As a result of the campaign, an advertisement was placed in the New York Times on June 19th, a big day of action for Black Lives Matter and the anniversary of the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the US.
Our participation and dissemination in this action, arise from our purpose of international spirit, tolerance and international understanding. The campaign contributes to denounce and fight racism.