Europe, Support a Free Belarus

In response to the election fraud in Belarus, our community called for Alexander Lukashenko not to be recognized as President of Belarus and for the opposition leader, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, to be recognized instead:

We called to support democracy. The EU must support this issue and take responsibility for it. We see that the role of the EU is to advocate for democratic elections abroad.

The initiative started in Poland, the neighboring country of Belarus, and it was important not only to engage in Poland, but also to reach out to the EU institutions. In September 2020, the EU Council made the decision not to recognize Lukashenko.

91,500 people signed this petition with our partners Akcja Demokracja, Declic, Skiftet, aHang, #aufstehn, Uplift. This is an open campaign. We will continue to act with partners.