Act now: single-use plastics ban under threat

Plastic is everywhere: in our food, in plants and even in the placentas of unborn babies.

We moved the EU to ban single use plastics in 2019. In 2020, we campaigned to stop companies from undoing our win, as they try to water down the guidelines on how to implement the plastics ban at a national level.

Member states have to transpose the ban by July 3 2021. We are fighting back against companies who are trying to change the wording of the implementation guidelines, so that items like single-use packets of crisps can be considered reusable. This would effectively cancel our win and therefore we continue to campaign as the European Commission has not yet adopted the guidelines. We work with partners Rethink Plastic and Break Free from Plastic.

In 2021, we plan for a follow up campaign aimed at replacing all single-use plastic with reusable systems, including the collection, cleaning and reusing of packaging.

This campaign showed that it’s possible to bring people together from all corners of Europe, to demand a more sustainable and responsible world. 155,835 people signed our petition to make sure we stop plastic, initially with a ban on the use of single-use plastic. Thanks to the mobilisation of citizens across Europe, we managed to get the European Commission to draft a second much stronger version of the Single-use plastic Guidelines in December 2020. However since then, the industry has been pushing back to revert to the previous and much weaker draft of the guidelines. We’ve called on the European Commission to stay strong but the outcome is unclear.

The campaign promotes environmental protection and international communication, to come together to achieve a shared goal. Encouraged by our members, our campaign continues: “Thank you all for all the time and effort you’ve put in, enabling each one of us who desperately wanted to do something worthwhile to do so. And thanks to all for sticking with it, and continuing to monitor the results.