Act like it’s an emergency!

In 2019, the “Act like it’s an emergency!” campaign was launched by WeMove Europe gGmbH’s partners in order to push for more drastic climate action by reducing the emissions goal that the EU aims for.

The campaign called for a set of bold actions to drive a just economic and ecological transformation to drastically reduce emissions in line with the latest science, with a view to limiting warming to 1.5°C by shifting our societies to 100% renewable energy. This means adopting a binding target for 2030 of 65% emission reductions and reaching climate neutrality by 2040. To achieve this, we need immediate measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The overarching campaign of the petition was to ask for stronger leadership from EU leaders in tackling climate change.

WeMove Europe gGmbH helped provide information highlighting scientific evidence that suggest climate action needs more binding targets.

The campaign has gathered over 85,000 signatures.