Our Team

Laura Sullivan | Executive Director, Belgium
Laura is the Executive Director at WeMove SCE mbH and WeMove Europe gGmbH. She is an activist and feminist who has been focused over the last couple of decades on working with civil society on issues of poverty and inequality. She specialises in campaigning and rethinking organisational strategies to effect much needed systemic change globally. For 10 years she worked with ActionAid International, in her last role, as the Regional Director for Europe and the Americas. Over that time she also served as the Vice President to Concord, the main Confederation of Development Organisations in Europe. Laura firmly believes that our systems were man-made and that they can be woman and man re-made. Beyond the professional setting, she co-runs a group called Systemic Change Brussels aimed at connecting activists working at local and European / international levels in the city. She is a serious fan of all things musical.
Sergio Moreno Ríos | Citizens Assemblies Organiser, Spain
Sergio is based in Madrid, from where he tries to weave transnational European networks and alliances that contribute to the horizon of democratic radicalism and social and climate justice promoted by the Citizens' Assemblies. Before joining the WeMove Europe family, Sergio has worked in different movements, NGDOs in the global South and in Spanish public institutions with the intention of influencing a global human rights agenda that makes feminism, LGBTIQ+ rights and democratic ecosocialism its banner.  When Sergio is not immersed in social activism, he likes to return to his hometown in the Basque Country, read, write and get lost in the world with old friends.
Aleksandra Zielińska | Senior Campaigner, Poland
Aleksandra is our new Polish Senior Campaigner, based in Warsaw. She believes that empowering people and making rights-holders’ voice heard can create real change in the world around us. Aleksandra is working on campaigns for human rights and democracy. She is responsible as well for managing YouMove platform which allows organizations and individuals to create their own campaigns. Previously, she was working many years for Amnesty International coordinating campaigns on human rights situation in Eastern Europe and former USSR countries and building her expertise on civil and political rights. In her free time, she collects vinyl records and goes to live music festivals.